Apalala SPRL helps organization to implement a cost effective security management process.

We provide tailored pragmatic and effective corporate security services to the Belgian TOP 100 since 2010.


All organization, large or small, faces risks on a daily basis. Facilities, systems, technologies or services can be attacked, stolen or broken. Such events may result in huge financial losses, or even worse, human losses, impacting families and our society as a whole. In order to protect your organization and our society, adequate measures must be taken to ensure things continue to go the right way. We want to be sure financial systems remain viable. We want to ensure connected cars are used to improve traffic, not to kill people. We want to ensure computer systems are used to help you, not to harm you. And we give you the visibility on your security, making it as simple as checking the locks on your door. That's our vision of security.

We also believe security is about people: people using or developing technologies, people following processes, people designing security controls, people managing people. As human are not good with complexity, we focus on simplicity, efficiency, effectiveness, usability, education and empowerment. Our goal is to ensure everybody is doing his part in keeping your organization safe. That's Human Centric Security.

What do we do?

Security is a continuously increasing challenge to stand against continuously increasing threats. In order to win this challenge, we also need to continuously improve our skills, our processes and our technology. Apalala is committed to excellence and is constantly researching and developing new technologies and methodologies to assess and protect your business. We have an holistic approach that covers physical security (authorized by the Federal Public Service of homeland), Information security, cyber-security and organizational security.

We are pragmatic by nature. For us, what's important is what works. Our goal is to enable you to achieve your objectives while taking the right amount of risks. Hence, we aim at the maximum efficiency, at the optimal compromise between effort and effects, as security should not be the activity taking most of your benefits away from you. Being geeks, we do not stop at the technological aspects, we encompass the human and organizational aspect of your activities into our work.

Our goal: protecting your business while enabling you to work better. 

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