Human-Centric Cyber Security

Since 2010, Apalala helps Belgian Top 100 companies and SMBs to implement an effective Cyber Security Culture using neurosciences, education and communication.


Your organisation is likely subject to a lot of security threats: fraud attempts, theft, disgruntled employees, continuous vulnerability scans of your servers and network, (spear) phishing, Denials of service… you name it.

As targeting humans is frequently a very effective attack mode, we provide a set of services to change your cyber security culture and your employee’s behaviours in order to protect your business against such threats.


With our NeuroSecure© Framework, we combines the insights from social psychology, neurosciences and educational sciences with more than two decades of experience in the cyber security realm.

We help you implement the framework and improve your existing controls. At the same time, as we are committed to improve and share the knowledge necessary to improve your security, we offer you to participate to the current scientific researches we conduct in partnership with the academic world to have a better view on your organisation specificities and faster application of the latest scientific discoveries.

Why us?

Apalala offer an unique expertise in risk management, cyber security and psychology. We are committed to excellence and are constantly researching and developing new methodologies to better protect your business.

Apalala sprl is accredited as an official security consultancy company by the Belgian Ministry for Homeland Security (IBZ).

We also partner with universities to conduct scientific researches in neuro-sciences on security related matters. This gives us cutting-edge knowledge of the available solutions and their efficiency. It gives us a significant advance on the other few actors in the market. When you’ll compare our approach with the others, you’ll see the difference.