Cyber Serenity for everyone

Since 2010, Apalala has been assisting organizations and individuals in enhancing their cybersecurity and reducing human risks.

Our solutions are based on over 30 years of expertise in information technology, risk management, cybersecurity, and psychology. They have been implemented and validated in businesses of all sizes, from SMEs to companies in the Belgian TOP 30.

Cyber serenity means:

  • Trust in system security: Having robust security measures in place, such as antivirus, firewalls, and solid computer security practices.
  • Knowledge and training in digital tools: Understanding the risks and best practices in cybersecurity.
  • Data and privacy management: Being aware of where and how personal or business data is stored and managed.
  • Digital balance: Maintaining a healthy balance between online and offline life, avoiding information overload or dependency on technology.
  • Security integrated into your processes and corporate culture: Cybersecurity as a driver of opportunity rather than a constraint and source of stress.

Our services begin with an analysis of your risks, culture, and current security behaviors. We then offer a set of solutions that may include security testing, new system configurations, interactive security training, persuasive communications, defining needs to improve your user interfaces (UX), or evolving your environments to facilitate expected behaviors and foster new habits. We start with you on an evolution towards a more resilient, serene organization.

We use a continuous improvement methodology compliant with ISO27001 and 27005 standards to clearly define desired behaviors, relevant measures, and a roadmap to implement, measure progress, and improve our interventions.