Articles and documents

  • Some of our thoughts and experiences are shared via our blog.
  • We also maintain (and grow) a digest of the best books and resources on different security related topics in our Security Digest 
  • For the scientists, we have a Zotero groups used to share a list of differents scientific articles on different topics related to cyber security psychology:

Trainings and presentations


2013: Information security for everyone: Password management

Explaining Sender Policy Framework (SPF)

Television & Medias

Social engineering demo made for the Belgian television

RTBF (2107)

Intervention dans “Faux Casting, Vrai danger” pour l’émission de la RTBF #Investigation

#Investigation (RTBF) / Le Grand Doc (LN24)


Hack.Lu (2018): The science behind social engineering

SECON 2022: No cyber without humans: How your organisational culture can boost or crippled your cybersecurity.

Source code

  • We also developed some code in VBA or in Python to help in Security Management or in data collection. We add them (when we have time) to our GitHub account (Apalala-sprl). Feel free to use them and even to improve them if you want.
  • Our client particularly appreciate our Excel Macros to manage IP addresses, subnets, DNS resolution or to easily assess the risks in Firewall Changes Requests: