Our services

Our services aim at embedding secure behaviours in your people through education, communication, events and any means that helps fostering a positive security culture.

Our main services are:

Behaviour Change Architecture

You need to change your employee’s behaviour to reduce your risks. We analyse your current situation, define a plan, a roadmap and help you implement the necessary changes to achieve an effective risk reduction.


Defining meaningful and measurable human security metrics

In most companies nowadays, KPIs are used to steer the ship. The bigger the ship, the higher the amount of information your receive, the harder it is to take a decision with the appropriate knowledge of the situation. In human security, too often, metrics are vague, not relevant and hard to measure. Using our 25 years of experience and our NeuroSecure(c) framework, we define with you the metrics that will allow you to measure the amount of risk reduction and residual risks your security program is bringing you.

Human Security Testing

Testing your human security using social engineering (Phishing, vishing, smishing)

Testing people’s ability to detect different kind of social engineering like phishing (via email) or vishing (using voice calls) provides an excellent opportunity to measure (with a certain level of uncertainty) your risk exposure to some common social engineering attacks. But, most of all, it is an excellent opportunity to provide a memorable training to the people who are hit and fall for such tests. It delivers the training right at the moment when your emotions makes you more likely to remember the content of the training and integrate the expected new behaviour.

Security Education

Increase knowledge and foster secure behaviours

Security education has two main aspects: First, ensure people have the necessary knowledge to understand their environment and its inherent risks (physical, cyber, fraud). Second, ensure that they can and will apply this knowledge at the right time and find the right balance between security and efficiency. Using the NeuroSecure Framework (NSF), we deliver trainings using multiple channels and pedagogical format to ensure all audiences receive the training they need in the most suitable form to maximize the learnings and the memorization.

Security Culture

Foster a positive attitude towards security and embed security into corporate culture

Ensuring a durable change of people’s behaviour is sustained by a cultural change. The implicits rules of your group must be re-written to ensure eveybody in your organization knows that security is as important as respecting your clients or reaching your sales target. Its about leading by example and also ensuring that all your implicit and explicit communications are aligned towards the same goal and the same values.


Receive relevant and meaningful information allowing you to steer efficiently your security

Having metrics, tests and education won’t do much good if your stakeholders or your senior management doesn’t know where you stand in terms of security and what is the Return on Investment (or the Return on Security Investment) of your security strategy. Using our NeuroSecure Framework(c), we provide lean and contextualized dashboards that help you share your progress and helps to smooth the decision process.