As part of our values, we share our knowledge, our templates, some documents, our software code.

Some of our thoughts and experiences are shared via our blog.

We also developed some code in VBA or in Python to help in Security Management or in data collection. We add them (when we have time) to our GitHub account (Apalala-sprl). Feel free to use them and even to improve them if you want.

Our client particularly appreciate our Excel Macros to manage IP addresses, subnets, DNS resolution or to easily assess the risks in Firewall Changes Requests:

We also maintain (and grow) a digest of the best books and resources on different security related topics in our Security Digest


The hummingbird initiative

The hummingbird initiative is our way to give back to the community, not only for security people but for everybody. We started different projects useful for the public:

- WeightControl: An application to optimize and monitor your weight loss according using the latest scientific researches.

- Kidnux: A linux distro to be used for kid's computers with integrated security, parental controls, educative suites, suitable games and a very easy to use interface for kids and parents. Parents can define what games, eduware and access are granted to kids. Templates are available to help parents to fine tune the rights based on the kids age.