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How to detect fake or stolen IDs?

Identification is one of the big challenges faced by security managers. It is a challenge when it comes to IT systems but even before that, to identify people. Even with the rise of national electronic identity cards (like eID in Belgium), fake or stolen IDs are still possible.

Even better, you might just make a Google Image search using a picture of an eID (like the one below) and find some other pictures of legitimate ID available on the web (not to say it is a breach of the European Data Privacy regulation).


Sometimes, you might just receive a photograph of an eID or even just an ID card number or National Register number in a registration form or in a job application form. Shall it be for recruitment, background check or customer identification (like de KYC, Know your Customer, process for financial institutions), you might need to check, as much as possible, if the credential you have received are legit or not.

In Belgium, luckily for us, the ministry of interior provides a partial access to its database to validate an ID card number or an national register number. This application, Checkdoc, will just tell you if the number is still valid (No Hit) or if it is outdated or stolen (Hit).

You need to register first before being able to use Checkdoc (https://www.checkdoc.be/) .Also, notice you have to inform your customer or contacts that you will run their information through the database before doing it.

Additionally, you’ll find also pictures of every type of ID card being used at the moment and an explanation of the various security features you can use to spot a fake.

(Updated on 13/08/2016)

At the international level, Interpol provides the same kind of services to airlines operators through its Stolen and Lost Travel Documents (SLTD) database. Although there is plance to extend the access to this service to other industries, it is not the case yet.


Good hunting!