Victim of a ransomware? Call the Crypto Sheriff!

Ransomware are not new but they become more and more efficient and, consequently, make more victims.

RANSOMWARE: Malware encrypting your files on your hard disk, making them inaccessible by you, so they can ransom you to allow you to decrypt them.

Even large companies, despites their multiple layers of security and anti-malware protections, are victims of these. The luckiest can rely on their backups to restore the lost data, the others pay it cash, either to the criminals or in business losses, or sometimes both (as paying doesn’t always guarantee that you will get a cure).

Ransomware is a plague against which smaller companies and individual are often defenceless. Not anymore, as Crypto Sheriff has arrived.


Crypto Sheriff is a free service brought to you by Europol, the Dutch police, Kaspersky labs and Intel Security (ex McAfee) through the website:

It allows you to submit sample of encrypted files and copies of the ransom note in order to analyse the malware used and possibly find a cure. It provides also decryption tools working on some of the most common malware like Chimera, Teslacrypt or coinvault.

Moreover, as prevention is always better than damage control, it will also provide you some basic tips to prevent such infection.

Let’s visit the Crypto Sheriff. Hihaaa!

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